White Hydrangeas and Glittery Cabbage-Like Flowers

It's almost Christmas.  Joyful sounds of Christmas carols playing in the background as I struggle to collect my thoughts with determination to resume writing on this forsaken blog.  It's 1:00 AM.

Last night was the 40th Day Prayer for a family member who just passed away.  Close family members and a friend gathered together to say our prayers.  My children were supportive.  My daughters-in-law were complacently cooperative.  My granddaughter was so sweet.  Even our dog Marley knows how to express love.

Earlier in the day, my cleaning lady came with her husband and grandson to help me tidy my home for the dinner prayer. I met Abraham, her 4 year old grandson who was so cute and smart.  He got along well with Marley.  It was love at first sight.  He was thrilled and had a cute smile on his face every time Marley licked his face and ears.  When his grandparents completed their chores and were leaving, Abraham had a sad face and wanted to stay.  With some high fives and a promise to see him again before Christmas, he conceded.

The dinner prayer was at 6:00 PM and I still had enough time to go to the store to get beef ribs and some potatoes and veggies for the 'Pochero', a delicious soup I used to cook back home. Perfect for a cold chilly night. Just in time, my son and my granddaughter Sam arrived.  Lately, she had been coming to my home for some tutoring. So I suggested for her to come with me to the store. 

Back to my home from the store, the potatoes and sweet potatoes were added to the soup which was simmering for quite sometime.  The beef ribs and chicken were tender.  The green beans, cabbage, and Bok Choy were ready, washed and cut to be added after the prayer.  I wanted the veggies to be crunchy and not overcooked or mushy.

Our makeshift altar was on the table where our TV was.  I had picked up some flowers from the store and made a beautiful arrangement of white hydrangeas and some glittery white cabbage-like flowers with some fillers. They were understated yet beautiful. The candles were set and lit.  We started our prayers..

Dinner was simple. Fun. Memorable.  The soup tureen was beaming with sumptuous beef ribs and chicken, simmered with the rich flavor of the Chorizos de Bilbao (Spanish chorizo), potatoes, sweet potatoes, green beans, cabbage, and Bok Choy sans the cooking banana called 'Saba', which was not available at the store and the garbanzos (chick peas) which I forgot.  The table was set with white plates and white soup bowls highlighting the red table runner, courtesy of Ann, my daughter-in-law.  My friend Lily brought a box of 12 different flavored cupcakes from Sprinkles in Palo Alto, California which we enjoyed with a freshly brewed coffee.

It was a wonderful evening. 


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