A Hole in the Wall

Without any window covering or treatment enhancing the role it plays in transforming the aesthetics of a room into one that soothes our appeal and personal comfort, a window is just a "hole in the wall".

Nowadays, one can get lost and confused in choosing the right window coverings for their windows. The window coverings industry has evolved from the time when a simple curtain that hangs on a metal wire was functional, to a five-layered drapery treatments complete with cornices, lambrequins, sheers, shades, blinds, top treatments, jabots and cascades, etc. There's also the choice of using hard or soft window treatments or incorporating both in order to achieve a certain architectural charm and character.

Some may even go for the minimalist look or the modern-day metal , wood, or faux wood blinds with decorative tapes, window shades with beautiful patterns, fabrics, and textures, vinyl or wood shutters with vanes that go up to 4 1/2" to give a better view of the beautiful scenery outside, or the silhouttes, the vignettes, the luminettes, and the pirouettes. There are so many to choose from.

Not only do we have to choose the right window coverings or treatments for our windows. It is also good to know which companies offer the best warranties, just as choosing a reliable professional decorator/designer to do the job is so vital. Check out if their services have warranties. When the project is done, keep your receipt, ask for a written warranty, and keep a copy of their contact information.

Using your window treatment as a focal point in your room can make a statement. It can make the room warm, cozy, comfortable, and interesting. The effect it will have on its occupants is more important as long as it does not create any aesthetic restrictions.

One can easily do the project themselves, but hiring a professional interior decorator/designer specializing in window treatments can make life easier for you. Choose one that has a wide experience and had been in business for a long time. Check out their BBB ratings. Google their names to check for business ratings. Ask for referrals from friends and colleagues that had their windows redecorated. Make a research. Do your homework and be prepared before you start investing in a project.

According to Karla J. Nielsen in her book "Window Treatments', the benefits of covering our windows are for 1) privacy, 2) safety, 3) glare control, 4) sound absorption, 5) comfort, 6) energy consumption and 7) aesthetics. The principles of good design in window styling are proportion and scale, balance, rhythm, emphasis, and harmony. In her book, I also learned that the elements of good design in window styling are space, light, color, texture, pattern and ornament, and form or shape.

After you have done your research, after you have asked your friends and colleagues who have recently redecorated their windows for referrals, you can now start shopping around. Whether you have decided to do the project yourself, or whether you prefer to hire a professional window coverings decorator/designer to do the job, it is going to be a lot of fun. After all, those "holes in your walls" will no longer be, after you dress them.


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